Bet Affiliates Wanted

Bet Affiliates Wanted

Bet Affiliates Wanted

Bet Affiliates Wanted

Reasons to choose us :
– Has the expertise of a leading company in its sector.
– Has the most important network in the sector, comprising not only of specialized affiliates, but also encompassing a very wide network of general sites
– Offers legal support enabling a good relationship between operators and affiliates
– Has In-house tracking technology that allows complete follow-up of all operations (tracking, payments)
– Guarantees to work with an independent company (no operator is a shareholder in Gambling Affiliation) that has established good and trustful relationship with its affiliates for more than 4 years
Affiliates / webmasters:
Access the most prestigious affiliate campaigns and generate revenues from your traffic. partners


Grow with’s . Global Affiliate Program. bwin is synonymous throughout the world with the best in online gaming. As one of the largest gaming brands in Europe, bwin welcomes thousands of players every day online, on mobile and on tablet.The World’s leading gaming brands .

is one of the world’s most respected online gaming affiliate programs.Earn more revenue by referring players to globally recognised brands.


What you earn partners operates a revenue-share payment scheme, so you earn a percentage of the monthly revenue generated by players you refer. See how we calculate your revenue.

The more players you refer, the higher the revenue percentage you earn on those players.

Note: CPA Plans are available on request.

Payment Plan: Global Revenue Share Plan
Brands: bwin, PartyPoker,,, WPT, binguez

Monthly RMP sign-ups per brand category Monthly MGR % payment on Primary Brand Monthly MGR % payment on Cross-over RevenueCross-over Revenue
0 15% 10%
1 – 25 25% 10%
26 – 100 30% 15%
101 – 299 32% 15%
300+ 35% 20%

There are qualifying criteria in order for referred players to be eligible to count towards being an RMP sign-up.

The Global Revenue Share Plan enables you to earn money for every customer who visits us through your affiliate site, registers and wagers. The Revenue Share Plan allows you to move up through the ranks. Your earnings are not limited to the main product as you can also profit from the crossover. The more RMPs you attract the higher the remuneration you will receive for your efforts. The RS level you reach depends on the number of RMPs you acquire per month.

What are main product and cross-over-revenues?

You need to choose a main product for each of your trackers. The main product is the one that fits best with your existing content and the one you will actively promote. The marketing material and banners used should fit with the content of your website. You can also use our promotions to enhance your content. The connection between your content and our brand should be clear and create synergy. For instance, your poker website would promote one of our poker brands as your main product by using our poker banners and content.

Cross-over-revenues are earnings generated when your players generate revenue in any product other than this main product. For instance, if a user clicks on your poker banner, logs in to our site and generates revenue by playing our casino brands rather than our poker brands, you will earn Cross-over Revenues for the player’s casino revenue. You would continue to earn the main product revenue for all poker revenue generated by that player.

  1. Players have to make a minimum cumulative deposit of $25 and earn, subject to the paragraph below, 5 loyalty points by playing real money games across the sites. (30 loyalty points on sports.)
  2. In case of Inter Account Transfer, players are required to earn 15 points.
  3. Players must make first deposit within 90 days of registration to qualify as RMP

Grow your revenue tier by tier

We adjust your payout percentage every month, according to the number of players you referred that month. So your revenue grows with your business.

Whenever you refer a player who already has a Party account to a bwin branded product, you’ll still receive revenue share. However, CPA works a little differently, so please see terms for details.

Get paid, whatever they play

Each link you create is automatically associated with a Primary Brand, such as or If your player ends up playing another product, you’ll still earn Cross-over Revenue share as illustrated above.

Sub Affiliate Revenue:

Take your revenue to the next level by recruiting more affiliates to partners. Simply share a link and ask them to sign up. We’ll reward you with 5% of their revenue, depending on the payment plan you have selected.

Note: This Commissions page is governed by and subject to the Affiliate Agreement which can be accessed here and which you must enter into to join the partners affiliate program.

2.Welcome to Affiliate Edge

Formerly known as CWC Affiliates, Affiliate Edge delivers the most trusted, award winning advanced casino affiliate program online.
Don’t settle for a second rate affiliate program, Affiliate Edge offers you 9 premier brands, multi-lingual casino and the choice to play in $ (USD), £ (GBP), Rand (ZAR) and € (Euros). Earn up to 40% revenue share on the life time of your players!
Make the right choice and signup today.
Affiliate Edge understand that you work with a lot of different partners that have a variety of different ways of working, below is a number of commonly asked questions that you may find useful. If you have a specific question that is not covered here, then please don’t hesitate to contact the affiliate team by visiting our contact us page.
Further ways to earn…
Bet Affiliates Wanted
Affiliate Edge offers you more chances to earn with our affiliate referral program (2nd Tier Earnings). Promote our casino affiliate program or sign your affiliate buddies up and you can earn a further 5% of your referred affiliate’s commissions. You can also see the full breakdown of these stats in your reports.
•What is the commission structure of the Affiliate Edge casino affiliate program?
All affiliates signing up to Affiliate Edge will be enrolled on the rewarding tiered structure of up to 40% revenue share. This is based on the overall net win of each casino brand you promote. Although commissions are totalled in one amount, commissions are not bundled, so you earn for each positive brand. Any negatives count only on the casino the negative was accrued.
Introductory Offer:
50% Revenue Share for first 2 months from date of signup. Available to all new affiliates.
Following the two month welcome offer, commissions will be as follows…

Bet Affiliates Wanted
Tiered Affiliate Commission Structure
Net Win
Revenue Share
$0 – $29,999
$30,000 – $49,999
Bet Affiliates Wanted
•When are commissions paid?
All affiliates are paid monthly with Affiliate Edge with the commission run starting on the 1st working day of each month. We require that you achieve a minimum threshold of $150 before you can cashout your commissions, any earnings below this amount will carry forward and will be paid when you accrue $150 or more.

•How do I keep track of my commissions and payments?
Affiliate Edge offers you a detailed reporting section that shows you exactly what you have earned, what is due and when it will be paid. A history of this is kept so that you can keep a record of such transactions for any kind of accounting purposes. Every page within the affiliate control panel shows the current amount due, for a breakdown of this amount you can view this on the overview page where it provides a full brand by brand breakdown of earnings. For past payments, simply click on the Payments link for a fast look at historic payments made.

•Using Banners, links and other creative from Affiliate Edge
Affiliate Edge offers you a wide range of high quality creative to use for each casino. With such a variety available the hardest part is picking the best one for you and your traffic. Using our creative is simple, just select the creative type that fits with your site and copy the code generated. Do not add or edit this code, simply paste it into the code of your site where you wish for it to display. Editing this code outside of the affiliate program could result in tracking loss. You are able to create your own campaigns specific to your requirements from within the affiliate control panel and further report on this in our fully comprehensive reporting section. You can choose between standard and advanced tracking codes. There isn’t a massive amount of difference between the two but with advance we are able to provide you with more reporting options.
Bet Affiliates Wanted
•Are there any costs to signing up as an affiliate of Affiliate Edge?
No. Our program is completely free of charge to sign up to, we take no cut from your commissions, nor do we have any hidden charges.

•Can I receive commissions to my casino player account (Affiliate Edge Brands Only)?
Yes, this is an option and can be set in your admin section, under the ‘Settings’ tab when you login.

•Is my site eligible to become an affiliate of Affiliate Edge?
We approve most sites, however we will not approve any websites that are aimed at children or those below the age of 18, promote sexually explicit content, promote violence, discrimination against race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, age, illegal activities or sites that violate intellectual property rights. We are always on the lookout for new traffic sources, should you have any questions please visit our contact us page.

• How long is my contract with Affiliate Edge?
Once accepted, your contract is ongoing as long as you continue to operate within the terms and conditions of the Affiliate Edge casino affiliate program. The contract between you and Affiliate Edge can be terminated by either party at any time with written notice as confirmation. Should you sell on your sites/affiliate accounts please ensure you inform your affiliate manager of this and provide relevant details of the new contact and new payment details.

• Can I operate more than one website when promoting Affiliate Edge online casinos?
By all means. The majority of our affiliates have more than 1 website to promote our brands. You can also create specific campaign ID’s in the control panel to enable you to track and report each site separately without the need for multiple logins.
Bet Affiliates Wanted
Do you accept players from the USA?
Yes, all our USD currency casinos accept all players from the USA. Players must also comply with their local laws before playing.

• Does Affiliate Edge carry over negative commissions?
Yes, any negative earnings generated by an individual brand carry over to the following month for that brand only. These negatives do not affect earnings on other Affiliate Edge brands.

• Is there a limit on my earnings with Affiliate Edge?
No, no limits are set so you can earn the maximum possible each and every month.

• By what methods of payment can I receive my Affiliate Edge commissions?
Affiliate Edge offers you a variety of ways to receive commissions from bank wire/ACH to a range of eWallets such as Neteller, Moneybookers and Quicktender. For a full list of available payment options login now or contact your affiliate manager.

• How often are stats updated in the Affiliate Edge backend?
Stats are updated every 20 minutes to give you accurate data and maintain a high overall performance of our reporting tools.

• What are my responsibilities as an affiliate of Affiliate Edge?
Affiliate Edge, formally CWC Affiliates, has worked hard since 2004 to build and maintain an outstanding record among both affiliates and players alike. You are considered a partner of Affiliate Edge and we look to you to uphold the integrity of both our name and our casinos as we move forward and develop. Being a well established and trustworthy partner, Affiliate Edge would like to see coverage of our brands in high exposure places on your websites, emails and further marketing options.

• Can I signup under my own affiliate link and play at Affiliate Edge casino brands?
The answer to this one is no. Players and/or affiliates who sign up for an affiliate account in order to obtain a ‘cashback’ on their own losses will be identified and have their accounts shut down. It is then up to the management of Affiliate Edge to decide whether or not commissions are withheld.
Bet Affiliates Wanted

Simply join our affiliate programme! Monthly extra earnings in four or five digits are very realistic, because you will automatically get a 30 % share of winnings for each customer you bring to!


  • Possibility of very attractive earnings
  • Lifetime provision withdrawals
  • Variety of choices for innovative ads
  • Fast support
  • Clear overview of the statistics
  • Affiliate programme is free to join


Even more attractive advertisements are available now. Download our new advertisements and odds banners and set them on your website! You will see the difference – your earnings will be considerably higher!

Bet Affiliates Wanted
As our partner you will be earning real cash with your website – for a lifetime!

Your earnings are the sum of a proportion of the gross yield achieved through the customers directly attracted by you (level 1), as well as from the commissions of affiliates attracted by you (levels 2 and 3).

The commission for each level is defined as follows:
Level 1: 30 %
Level 2: 10 %
Level 3: 5 %
Explanation of the levels:
Level 1: Customers you have recruited directly.
Level 2: Customers who registered via an affiliate recruited by you.
Level 3: Customers recruited by affiliates of an affiliate recruited by you.

You are participating in an extremely attractive 3-level affiliate programme!

Bet Affiliates Wanted

4.betfair affiliates

betfair affiliates sign up
How it Works

It’s really very easy. After your application to the Betfair Affiliate Programme has been approved, your affiliate account will be activated. From your affiliate account you will be able to generate your own links and banners for your site. Anyone you sign up to Betfair via one of these links or banners will be tracked to your affiliate account. You will then receive commission for these players either in the form of a percentage of the net revenue they generate or as a one-off (CPA) bounty payment.
Betfair Sports Exchange
Betfair is the world’s leading sports betting exchange, a concept it pioneered in 2000. All bets on Betfair are placed by users who either want to bet for a selection or outcome in the normal way (back), or bet against a selection or outcome (lay). Bets are matched between people with opposing views. Betfair is licensed in Gibraltar, Australia, Malta and Italy.

Betfair Poker
Betfair Poker Originally launched in May 2004, Betfair Poker is one of the fastest growing poker rooms on the internet and one of the busiest online rooms in Europe. In July 2010 Betfair Poker joined the Ongame poker network, where we benefit from increased liquidity and industry leading poker software.

Betfair Casino
The only casino in the world with no house edge.
Betfair Casino offers two great casino lounges, the Zero Lounge and the Main Lounge. The Main Lounge offers a huge range of the newest and most exciting games making it one of the most diverse and best value casinos on the web. The Zero Lounge is the first casino with zero house edge on every game.

Why should I join the Betfair Affiliate Programme?
By partnering with Betfair, you are affiliating your business with the most innovative, exciting and revolutionary gaming site on the internet. Our expert Affiliate Team offer all of our affiliates a thoroughly personal service, providing extensive support should an affiliate require it to make each and every partnership as profitable for the affiliate as possible.

How do I join?
Just click on the ‘Sign up now’ button on the left and complete the simple application form.

How long before I can start referring?
You will be contacted within three working days and providing that your application is successful you’ll be ready to start making money as soon as you publish your links. You will be allocated your own referral URL so that we accurately track the players that are referred by you.

Reasons to choose us, Affiliation:
You can access the most important affiliate network in the industry.
Apart from a strong display and enhanced visibility of your brand (which is really important in this strongly competitive world) we assure you a fast and optimized recruitment of players.


Create your NETELLER affiliate account
You are required to have a NETELLER eWallet to open an affiliate account.
Sign Up at NETELLER if you don t have an account ID.

NETELLER Affiliate Program

6. Skrill Digital Wallets -Affiliates

Open Skrill account and verify it.

After you being a verified account member you can:

A. Go to Skrill Affilites page ( you can find a link at the bottom of your skrill account).

B. Go to Promotion Center Page .

C. Get your Skrill Affiliate banners by placing

About Skrill

open skrill account -digital wallet

open skrill account -digital wallet

Pay with Skrill Simple. Instant. Secure

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How it works

Skrill Digital Wallets Connects all to one place:

  • upload & withdraw
  • deposit & withdraw

Instant deposits and withdrawals – pay, play and withdraw Casino 468x60

  • Deposit safely and keep your details secure online
  • Exclusive bonuses and promotional offers for sports bettors, poker and casino players
  • Instant access to your funds with the Skrill Prepaid MasterCard®
  • Skrill 1-Tap Optimised for tablets, smartphones, and desktop machines

Get your free Skrill Digital Wallet

Become a VIP Member & you cant imagine the benefits!!!

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More Affiliations to come…… ( is a sortage of Mature Players 2 play bets , dont confuse it with other words) provides all the odds that matters to sports betting fans and variety of legal betting sites to choose. Including previews, match reports, previous meetings and other great stories to help with your betting , odd comparison. We give you betting offers and betting odds and Live Streaming offers, from our official legal betting partners, on all the major sports including Football, Tennis, Cricket, Golf, Horse Racing, Greyhound Racing, Rugby League, Rugby Union, Snooker and much more. THIS WEBSITE IS FOR ENTERTAINMENT AND INFORMATIVE PURPOSES ONLY. WE DO NOT ACCEPT ANY WAGERING, BETTING, GAMING OR GAMBLING IN ANY FORM OR MANNER. 18+ Responsible Betting |Gambling Therapy | Protecting Minors | GamCare